Dok’s Dippy Duck (April 30-May 2, 1923)

Today in Drakeville: Housecleaning! And the hazards of participating in a corrupt democracy!

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Dok’s Dippy Duck (April 26-28, 1923)

Today: Our chain-smoking avian hero is accused of starting forest fires.

Well, it’s only a small exaggeration…

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I was going to draw a dotted line between Harding, the one-time winner of the “worst POTUS ever” award, and…um…the current White House occupant, both of whom were/are avid golfers, but somebody else beat me to it by at least a year.

Dok’s Dippy Duck (April 23-25, 1923)

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There’s gonna be a lot of boxing talk as we continue tripping through these antique duck cartoons. Wikipedia fills us in on the Jess Willard-Floyd Johnson fight:

On May 12, 1923, promoter Tex Rickard arranged for Willard to make a comeback, fighting Floyd Johnson as part of the first line-up of boxing matches at the newly opened Yankee Stadium in New York City. 63,000 spectators attended the match, which the 41-year-old Willard was widely expected to lose. However, after Willard took a beating for several rounds, he came back to knock down Johnson in the 9th and 11th rounds, and Willard earned a TKO victory. Damon Runyon wrote afterward: “Youth, take off your hat and bow low and respectfully to Age. For days and days, the sole topic of conversation in the world of sport will be Willard’s astonishing comeback.”

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Dok’s Dippy Duck (April 19-21, 1923)

More random incidents from the life of a between-the-wars, chain-smoking duck.

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For many of us, Howard Carter’s 1922 rediscovery in the Valley of the Kings and the hit single it inspired a half a century later need no introduction, but both of them just got one in case you’re one of those people who can’t even remember what they had for lunch today without checking an app.

(I think mine was ramen and a salad, but the phone’s charging in another room. Call back later.)